Mandarin Explorer: Bear (1yr - 3yr)

Mandarin Explorer: Bear (1yr - 3yr)

Many parents believe the best time to learn a second language is from the toddlers age. WenLin Chinese School offers bespoke Mandarin classes to children in early years. WenLin's Mandarin Explorer course is a two year Mandarin teaching curriculum designed and continuing modified in house for early years. The course contents design are all based on children's physical, lingual and mental development and their understanding of the world around them. This course provides systematic introduction of Chinese as a secondary language to children in early years with foundation knowledge and skills in listening, understanding, speaking, and reading of the language of the future. The course will be delivered primarily in Mandarin Chinese, using songs, rhymes, stories, drama and interactive games. Children will be able to laugh, giggle and dance with the teacher. They will learn words that are very relevant to the life around them such as families, animals, colours, numbers, toys etc. and other basics.

  • Engagement: we aim to make every single child feel engaged so that he/she can progress steadily in our courses. 
  • Bespoke teaching: we provide a secure foundation for learning and development, which is carefully planned around each individual child’s needs and interests. 
  • Partnership: we work closely with parents and carers before, during and after our lessons. 
  • Diversity: we welcome children from all nationalities, ethnic groups and learning abilities to join our courses.
  • Recordings: we share mini lesson recording within the class for parents to play for their children during the week - it is highly welcomed by our parents. 

Activity type

Our courses contents and activities are designed around the guidelines set by the Department for Education, Statutory Framework for the Early Years  Foundation Stage (March 2014). The activities are challenging and enjoyable. They are purposefully designed with a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activities. For Mandarin Explorer: Bear (1yr - 3yr) more children-led activities are planned. For Mandarin Explorer: Panda (3yr -5yr) a more adult-led structured interactive learning is planned, with the objective to prepare children for learning Chinese further in KS1. 

  • Playing and exploring: our activities are designed to encourage children to investigate and experience things, and ‘have a go’ with support from their carer and teacher in the class e.g. a box with cover on it, hands in the box to guess what’s inside, and play with it after. 
  • Active learning: our activities allow children to concentrate and keep on trying if they encounter difficulties and enjoy achievements. e.g. jumping through loops and count in Chinese.
  • Creative thinking: our activities allow children to develop their own ideas, establish links, and develop strategies for doing things. e.g.: dressing up Little Mandarin Man mascot the way children like. 

**Children in Bear class will have priority to move up to Panda class when they passed their 3rd birthday. 

**This class is always full, so please feel free to email us to reserve a space for your child as early as possible. 

We can also provide this course teaching to your children's nursery via Zoon online. Please email us to make  arrangements at: 

We accept childcare voucher payment. 



Course teacher: Haiyun Rosa Wang

Class type: Toddler

Course Code: MEB - 22

Term Fee: £ 165.00

Class time: 9:00am - 9:45am, Saturdays

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