Mandarin Bud II (8yr +)

Mandarin Bud II (8yr +)

The Mandarin Bud II course is for year 3 children and older beginners who may or may not have a Chinese family background. All lessons will be delivered in Mandarin Chinese. English explanations will be given when needed, but always kept to a minimum allowing children to experience maximum exposure to Mandarin. Course content will follow the British National Curriculum for foreign languages, leading towards GCSE Mandarin in two years. Teachers will use multimedia and interactive classroom activities with an emphasis on learning through fun play inside and outside of the classroom. Age-relevant Chinese idiom stories and Chinese history will be introduced in drama-style lessons. Students will also be taught how to use Pinyin (symbols for Chinese pronunciation), read independently, and write in Mandarin. By the end of the course, students will be able to achieve YCT (Youth Chinese Test) Level 2/3 and command 150-500 words in reading, speaking, and writing. 

**Commitment: Students will be expected to commit a minimum of 15 minutes of daily homework and revision time on Mandarin. A home language environment is not essential, but parents' support at home is crucial. 

We accept childcare voucher payments. 

We can also provide Mandarin teaching to your children's school via Zoom. Please feel free to email us to make an arrangement: 


Course teacher: Yee Hang

Class type: Children

Course Code: MBII - 21

Term Fee: £ 330.00

Class time: 1pm - 3pm, Saturdays

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