Chinese Brush Painting (Adult)

Chinese Brush Painting (Adult)

Why should grown ups learn Chinese Painting? Looking back on our days as kids, when we were full of interest in drawing, without fancy drawing tools or methods, we could still make the best use of our imagination and illustrate freely. Meanwhile, our early works also reflected our knowledge about the world and how we felt. Our impulse to draw doesn't change, whether we are skilled or unskilled, we still love to express ourselves through art.

And now that we are grown ups, why should we miss the opportunity to travel back in time and rediscover the fascination that we felt in our early days, coupled with a more mature understanding about the importance of art in our lives? Chinese painting gives us the tranquility and the world of our time back. 

Teaching plan:

Adult class (Code: BPA): 2 hours per session.
Contents including:

  • Brushworks of trees: branches, leaves, pines, willows, cypresses, spring trees, autumn trees, and small-circled trees
  • Brushworks of mountains and rocks: texture strokes, freehand style Shanshui, blue-green Shanshui
  • Brushworks of water and clouds
  • Brushworks of buildings, cars, boats
  • Brushworks of landscapes


Course teacher: Linda Zhao

Class type: Adult

Course Code: CBP-21

Term Fee: £ 200.00

Class time: 9am - 10am, Sundays, ZOOM lesson

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