Mandarin Maple (Advanced - IGCSE Level, A-Level, IB Chinese)

Mandarin Maple (Advanced - IGCSE Level, A-Level, IB Chinese)

The Mandarin Maple course is suitable for students who have a strong foundation in Mandarin Chinese and reached HSK 4 level and have already completed the Mandarin Pine course or passed equivalent examinations, eg GCSE Mandarin with outstanding results and wish to continue learning Mandarin further to advance their level towards HSK 5, IB Mandarin and A Level Mandarin. As the course name says, this level of Mandarin Chinese learning will be leading to a strong command of the language at an advanced level. The course will focus on improving students’ creative, comparative, and critical speaking and writing abilities. Students will develop the skills necessary to carry on conversations in Chinese while expressing their opinions on issues related to current events, like Chinese society, politics, economics, education, and different aspects of the Chinese culture. Students will learn about all these topics issues from real life material, including newspapers, movies. 

Students that apply to join this class will be required to do conversational, reading and writing test to assess if this is the right class for them. Children who are studying in this class should have fluent reading, speaking and listening level for HSK4, with their vocabulary level at around 1000+ words. This class will be focusing on improving on accurate pronunciation, fluency in reading, speaking, and essay writing skills. The class is taught in Mandarin Chinese. 

**Commitment: Students will be expected to commit a minimum 15 minutes daily homework and revision time on Mandarin, and complete writing task each week.  

**Children on this course will have oppotunity to be recommended for FREE Chinese study camps and scholarship offers from universities in China and participaing in global mandarin level competions. 

This course is accessible via Zoom online. 


Course teacher: Wenlan Guo

Class type: Youth - Adult

Course Code: MMA - 20

Term Fee: £ 440.00

Class time: 1pm - 3pm, Saturdays

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