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WenLin Chinese School would like to create an environment that is conducive to language immersion, stimulation of learning interests, and heightening of enthusiasm and motivation for Chinese learning.

We have observed that many students drop their Mandarin lessons after a couple of years of the same plain, old-fashioned way of teaching in regular weekend schools. The students eventually become disinterested in the subject, believing that learning Mandarin is tedious and boring. We here at WenLin want to change this mistaken view, and so have come up with a fun learning structure where everyone can enjoy while gaining knowledge and experience. So why do we do offer our courses this way?

Simply put, we believe that creativity, quality, enjoyment of learning, and a warm, healthy learning environment are crucial to a good education.

Our courses and activities were all tailored with these factors in mind. Interesting, varied lessons let students anticipate and look forward to upcoming classes. Fun themed classrooms boost their imagination and creativity, thus opening their minds to learning new things. A singular theme for all learning levels in one school term gives the students a sense of unity and family. Letting the students choose which clubs they want to join puts their individual interests into account and so personalises their learning progress. Packages encourage families to become closer and achieve a goal together. Parallel schedules for adult and children’s classes give parents the opportunity to learn about a new culture as well as a chance to enjoy a child-free cultural “me” time. End of term student presentations further enhance our students’ learning. All of these are just a few examples of how we try to deliver a top quality education for all those, grown ups and children alike, who have a strong desire to learn.

This is why we do what we do at WenLin Chinese School: because we want the best for our students.


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