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"Happy Women's Day to all you fabulous ladies too! Tirelessly keeping things running smoothly with calm grace; providing strong emotional support to hold everything together; and being a great role model for our kids on resilience, persistence and strength."

Jenny (parent, MBII-20 & MPII-21 class)


"Not many parents had much experience with online learning before Lockdown hit, and to be honest it was a bit of a shock to us exactly how hard it was, both to keep the kids focussed and also to manage their homework.

Instead of dithering the team at WenLin were super-organised and very soon came up with a bunch of prompt and positive solutions all of which work really well, and these tools keep coming.

For example, we had never heard of Zoom before WenLin introduced it to the kids way back in early 2020 – and now it is a global standard. Immediately, the kids were happy to be back ‘in class’ where they could see their pals, which helped them stay engaged and keen.

The technological progress from WenLin did not stop there. Before lockdown we were streaming online audio MP3s on “ChineseMadeEasy” website, which the kids would repeat and record onto mobile phones; these recordings would then have to be uploaded to our computer to be “topped and tailed” and then uploaded yet again - usually in a Zip file - to the appropriate WenLin WhatsApp group.  Quite a complicated process and not just for the parents - the kids also could not easily pause the audio, or repeat a piece, or slow it down to try and hear better.

Wenlin found a comprehensive online web-portals and tools for independent learning called the  "The Chairman's Bao" - a truly amazing online tool for Chinese language learning and introducing kids to Chinese culture, covering all aspects of writing and reading and with user-friendly audio features.

WenLin also managed to address the biggest problem of all: how to help parents stay on top of the welter of homework and ensure submission of the kids’ homework. This was done via another great learning web-app called "See-Saw". This allows students, parents and teachers to monitor and communicate about the homework tasks, and it also allows the kids themselves to submit their own work - all by themselves. This can be done in various ways - either by taking photos on a webcam, or sending in webcam audio/video, making typed comments (notes) or uploading phone images and scanned documents. It’s so easy! Instead of having to forward the written homework tasks set in the WhatsApp group to a computer so it can be printed, and then to have to send a phone picture of that printout with the kids’ finished work back to the computer, to be sent to the WhatsApp group, it’s all done within one app, and characters can even be traced with a mouse or a graphics pad. Amazing!

Because we had our own computer problems we did struggle at first with all this new technology but WenLin were really patient and gave us some excellent technical support. All the WenLin suite of apps now run stable in Google Chrome browser. We use the "Profiles" feature which means the whole family to 'hot-desk' on any computer at any time, each with their own bookmarks and separate files on the 'cloud') and all the WenLin apps are there for the kids to use – they find it easy and do not need us to do their weekday homework and revision. In comparison to “Google Classroom” which we use at our local primary, we feel WenLin are ahead by a very long way.

It is very impressive how Rosa and the team have been so skilled and proactive in finding ways to enhance the kids’ learning experience with such great online tools and help reduce the burden on (technically challenged) parents.  We are sure there will be more progress to come! Rosa and her team are always pushing the envelope, to immerse the kids more and more in the Chinese language and to make it fun.

Even if the lockdown is ever lifted and we get back to once-a-week live classrooms, we are confident WenLin will be offer a deeper Chinese language learning experience for kids thanks to the online system they have developed which will really support kids with their homework – in every aspect of the language learning process. Many Thanks to WenLin!"

Rob (parent, MBI-19 & MBII-20 class)


"Rosa, you are a great headteacher! You have tried to look out for us, your parents, and students. It is so important in this very emotional times. It’s why we are all at your school!"

Parent (MPII-20 class)


"Hi Rosa! Just wanted to say hello and thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do running your school. Louis has learnt so much and he is looking forward to Saturday classes and to do Chinese homework at home. This has been such a great experience for us and we are so very grateful to have found you."

Parent (MBII-20 class)


"I really enjoy studying at WenLin Chinese school. The school curriculum is fantastic, the lessons are filled with information and fun games like Kahoot. The teachers are warm and welcoming. And they help you when you need them most. Mona has helped me with my work countless times, and I appreciate how they take time out of their day to help us. My experience has been phenomenal: Rosa always takes time out of her day to help us with our speaking or reading. Before I went to WenLin Chinese school my Mandarin was terrible but after nearly a year I can speak clearly and converse in full sentences with my friends in China."

Student (MBII-18 class)


"I am incredibly grateful to have Miss Rosa as my teacher as she helped me become fluent and confident in doing the HSK 3 paper (which I did on Sunday) which is a real achievement for me. At the beginning of the school year, I couldn’t even do the listening part and now I have completed multiple papers myself. I really enjoyed learning with Miss Rosa as she made learning fun and not an obstacle. She is a helpful, hardworking, and supportive teacher that I will never forget and hope to be my mandarin teacher for the years ahead ."

Student (MPII-16 class) 


"Wenlin teachers have been excellent. My 5 year old and 2 year old children have been making really good progress with their chinese.  All the teachers are very enthusiastic and caring. The school has organised many cultural events such as Chinese New Year festival, School disco etc that brought the parents and children together. During the lockdown, all the lessons were conducted online but the teachers manage to engage all the children and they even offered video lesson recording free for younger children. The school updates the parents with their children study reports and there are also scholarship programmes for those children who are very committed to studying Chinese. Highly recommend Wenlin Chinese School!"

Thao (parent, Panda class and Bud class students)


"Hi Rosa! Just wanted to say hello and thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do running your school. Louis has learnt so much and he is looking forward to Saturday classes and to do Chinese homework at home. This has been such a great experience for us and we are so very grateful to have found you. I'm amazed with your commitment to the children, your work ethics and professionalism. Thank you very much and stay safe."

Carolina (parent, Mandarin Bud II class)


"Just want to say thanks Rosa for always supporting the children and Hayden. Your passion and dedication is evident. I’m glad you contacted me and made me rethink. The pandemic has been a challenge and you have remained focused through out. Very commendable."

Kim (parent, Mandarin Bud I class)


"I always wanted to learn a new language and started an adult beginner class at Wenlin about 2 years ago. The lessons are fun with our teacher Lily, and the students in class are a great mix of people too. I have also continued throughout a 6 months period I lived abroad, when I joined the class via Skype. Lily and Rosa are great and I am sure, I will still enjoy learning mandarin for a long while to come."

Katja (student of Mandarin Beginner - Adult class)


“Too short time!”

“The content is rich. Really enjoyed it.”

“Just sad that we ran out of time - I feel like I had plenty more to learn from this speaker!”

“It was brilliant! A lot of learn in 30 minutes. The tone marks were excellent.”

“Very clear and presented in a very interesting way. Handouts excellent. “

“Great taster class.”

“It was fun and the speaker was very engaging.”

“Very interesting, I wish I was younger.”

“I actually wanted to listen to the Swedish taster nearby but was drawn by the enthusiastic delivery of Haiyun’s talk. I love Chinese language and culture. Hope to learn more and more. Thank you!”

“Good example of sequence that can be used especially for reading and writing.”

“Very useful ideas using visuals and storytelling.”

“Perfect introduction to the language.”

“We really enjoyed it. Very animated speaker.”

“Thank you! A good introduction about sounds. A very good teacher!”

Questionnaire feedback by attendees at the "Mandarin is Easy" keynote speech ("Language Show", London, 15-17 November) 


"You and the school have done my daughter proud. The support and tutoring she received at WenLin was superb. Please pass on our thanks to all her teachers. I really can’t thank you enough as your patience gave her the confidence and the enjoyment of learning Mandarin. She is taking Mandarin A level at her school but she has already told me that the teachers at WenLin were far better than the one she will have for A-Level there. So thank YOU."

Alison (parent of GCSE student)


"I have been delighted with the progress I have made this year in Mandarin Chinese. At the start of the academic year I was predicated a level 2/3, however through WenLin Chinese school I upheld a high level 8, with only a few points off a level 9."

Lexi (GCSE student 2019) 


"Mandarin Summer Camp was a really good experience for me and my son. We are non Chinese speakers and the camp exposed us to the language and picked up practical words or sentences easily. Our activities were fun and engaging. Teachers encouraged us to speak in Mandarin all throughout but explained in English when you really can't understand. It was a great opportunity to learn mandarin quickly. Will join again next year!"

Mae (parent, 5yr-7yr class, and a student at WenLin herself) about WenLin Summer Camps

“It was a good experience for the children and an enjoyable day for us adults
“A really fantastic experience for all the children

“Thanks to you and the team for all the brilliant work you are doing. Well done indeed!”
“It was a great experience, Lorenzo loved it and is keen to get a prize next year!!! Keep going WenLin!!! I’ll shortly post the performance video”
“Thanks for the video and for all the support Jery had from the school”
“He said he is not giving up. Thanks for your great support and he is happy”
“Thank you both for putting the children forward and supporting them!”
“Thank you Rosa and Xin 老师! Jack had fun today!!

Parents' comments on their children attendance at the "17th UK Mandarin Reciting Competition" 


My son, just before he turned 13 years old decided that he wanted to re-take up Mandarin and try for a GCSE.  He has been studying a bit during Primary School whilst we lived in Singapore but had lapsed for over a year whilst we relocated back to London. 
He started Saturday classes in September 2018 at WenLin Chinese School and within a few months he had gained enough confidence and knowledge to consider taking the GCSE Exam this May, aged 13. Rosa and the WenLin school went out of their way to support Jamie and to provide a significant amount of help, with Rosa personally giving her time in the lead up to the Oral and Listening exams to practice with him over the phone each evening.
I would highly recommend the school. The staff are qualified, dedicated and anyone seeking to learn Mandarin to whatever level they chose would be in good hands.

Liz (parent of GCSE student)


I am so thrilled to have found WenLin Chinese School for my daughter. It is an absolute gem of a language school. A very rare thing in today’s world. The love, enthusiasm and genuine delight for teaching Mandarin is contagious. My daughter really looks forward to her Saturday lessons.

Alison (parent of GCSE student)


WenLin school and Rosa have provided exceptional Mandarin classes especially for the little ones. My daughter who joined the class when she turned 1 has had a phenomenal beginning to Mandarin learning journey. Both my husband and I are not Chinese and speak another language at home but for Amiera we wanted her to learn Mandarin, who not only enjoyed taking on this challenge but she picked up the language exceptionally fast with Rosa's teaching method. We have been looking for a really good school locally but could not find one as good as this though it's a train journey for us but we absolutely love looking forward to coming in for our class on the weekend.

Maliha (parent, 1yr - 3yr class)


Rosa and WenLin have provided a phenomenal start to Zac’s Mandarin learning journey. The teachers are student focused and interweave the richness of Chinese culture into their teaching. The teachers’ motivational energy is contagious which brings a unique atmosphere to the classes.
After reviewing multiple Chinese language schools across London, we found that Wenlin’s formatting, student engagement and teaching style of the classes appeared to be the clear differentiator.
Zac immensely enjoys the cultural stories, songs and creative activities. Throughout the week he reminds us that we need to take him to the classes!

Adam (parent, 1yr - 3yr class)


Me and my husband are not Chinese, but we decided to teach our daughter Mandarin since when she was 9 months old. Why? Because it is a very difficult language (for an European), but with and amazing history and culture behind; we know that it is much easier for her to learn it now with no effort, through fun and play, and because it is a precious "plus" she will have in her curriculum when she will be an adult. Now she is 5, it is time for her to learn how to write and read also Mandarin, she enjoys it, and we receive compliments from native speakers for her skills. It is a commitment also for us as parents, but we think it is worth it, it opens her mind and contributes to prepare her get ready for the future challenges.

Francesca (parent, 5yr + class)


"I have been impressed with the personalised approach to learning my son receives at WenLin school. The lessons are carefully tailored to his abilities. He loves the supporting materials provided which he finds really engaging. I get great feedback from the school on his progress and his Chinese has come on in leaps and bounds. We are so happy he is investing his time in learning this useful language."

Sue (parent, 7yr + class)


"The character grids help me learn very quickly.... Going to Chinese on Saturdays is so much fun, it is one of the best things about the weekend. It has helped my study of Chinese at school by giving me greater knowledge of stroke order and pronunciation."

Stan (student, 7yr + class) 


"Our daughter is 3 years old and has started attending WenLin Chinese School in October 2016. The lessons are taught in a very enthusiastic way, with great focus and attention paid to the child. The lessons are very interactive, which keeps all the children engaged for the 45 minutes, which is no mean feat for an age range of 18 months to 3 years old. The practical element of the class is a great idea, and Rosa brings in plenty of objects for the children to physically handle that relate to the pictures for the topic of that week. Rosa has a very friendly and engaging persona, which makes the children feel comfortable very quickly and this can be seen in their confidence as they engage and listen to her for the lesson. Rosa communicates the specific word through a method of repetition, utilising the practical and interactive element very effectively, and this is demonstrated by the children in the class as they identify the picture or object from the Chinese word. In addition to this there is song, dance and a story in every lesson, and our daughter always has a smile on her face in the class, which is a true testament to Rosa's teaching."

Pening & Richard (parents, 1-3yr class)


"Rosa works incredibly hard to put together thoughtful and engaging sessions for the children. She has a kind and gentle manner and makes sure each child gets individual attention. Our daughter Lia seems to thoroughly enjoy the classes and is growing in confidence with each session. We're really happy that something like this exists so close to home. Thank you Rosa :-) "

Yin & Dung (parents, 1yr - 3yr class)


“This is a great Chinese class!  My son is a complete beginner and Rosa's patience and enthusiasm for teaching Chinese has been fantastic.  The lessons are always fun with singing, dancing and props to really engage the children.  Rosa gives each child lots of focus and each week, we play games to 'bed in' the new vocab they have learnt that day - which is very effective.  I would highly recommend ”

Clare McDowall (parent, 3yr - 5yr class)


"My son joined Wenlin Chinese School after his 8 weeks' stayed in China. He was able to have simple communication but not able to write. Wenlin nicely assessed his level on his trial lesson and pointed him to the group with similar level kids. I feel this does give him confident to speak in the class.  Teacher and TA are very nice and truly love children. My son seems very happy and has no problem to go to school in the weekend. I like the idea of this school which works in a small group in that way teacher can more focus on where the kids need to improve.  After attended one term, my son is able to write more than 50 words and most important he slowly pick up the logic on the writing order! I will encourage you have a conversation with the Headmaster. She truly has the passion on teaching Chinese for young kids and a lot of good ideas on how to coaching children."

Nancy Gao (parent, 7yr + class)


"我们家两个孩子从文麟学校一开办就报名学习中文班,算算也有近一年的时间了。 在文麟学校短短的一年时间里学校一直都在以最好的状态去教导孩子们, 让孩子们能够对中文产生更多的兴趣。 到目前为止 婷婷和涵杰的中文水平进步的很快, 会识字认字, 在学校也认识了好多好朋友。当然一开始我也是有所退缩, 毕竟这是在英国, 孩子们每天说最多的还是英文,只能说是抱着试试的态度。 孩子目前能有这样的成绩我真的很欣慰。不仅是校长每天都在密切的关注每一个孩子的学习, 就是甘老师也在每次课程之后与家长交心的探讨孩子们的学习状况,每一次都在跟进孩子们的作业。积极的解决孩子们的问题。 很幸运我们家附近有这样好的一所中文学校。祝文麟学校越办越好。"

"Both our children have been studying Chinese at WenLin Chinese School since they’ve opened. In very short time, my children have learnt how to read and write in Chinese and have developed strong interests in learning Chinese. The school always give us their best attention and effort in teaching our children. I am so pleased to see their progress in learning Chinese. Not only the school principal care so closely on each child’s learning, but also Miss. Gan the class teacoher always chat to us after each class about how our children have learnt in the class and how they did for their homework. They always find best way to help my children to learn. We are very lucky that we live so close to such a good Chinese school. Wish WenLin Chinese will do better and better."

Amy Bilan (parent, 5yr - 7yr class, and 7yr + class)


"I want to thank Rosa for her kindness to Georgina. Please know that you have become a big influence in her life and she often cites you as a wonderful teacher and mentor."  

Anne Delhon (parent of GCSE student)


"We were going to China for my children’s Kung Fu training. Rosa kindly offered to help my boys with their Chinese. Wenlin Chinese school was a very good experience for my children. It has made them very interested in languages, and they still talk about how much they liked Rosa and their teachers. I’d highly recommend them to all families."

 Jayne Guven (parent, 7yr + class)


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