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Yuxuan (Anna) Li


Yuxuan (Anna) Li is from Chengdu, Sichuan Province in southwest China. She received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Sichuan University (China) and a master’s degree from University College London (UCL). Before learning about pedagogy, she had excellent management, organisation, operation and teamwork skills in the business field.

Gradually, with great passion and love for education, she has participated in many volunteer activities on campus and joined the Charity Department of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of University College London. When working with students of different ages and personalities, she can pay attention to the psychological changes and small progress of students. In her opinion, it is important to give students constant affirmation and teach them knowledge in a way that suits them. In order to improve her teaching level, Yuxuan actively participates in training activities for Chinese language education held by Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China, studying and communicating with outstanding Chinese teachers from all over the world. Now she is working as a teaching assistant at Wenlin, teaching children aged 5 to 6.

Yuxuan has a strong writing ability in Chinese and has read a lot of Chinese books. As a native speaker of Chinese, she hopes to teach this language in the most effective way to more interested students and help them learn more about Chinese culture. Education is not only about teaching knowledge, but also about helping children learn about the world. She looks forward to passing on these qualities to her students.


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