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Luomeng Chao


Luomeng is a native Mandarin speaker from Inner Mongolia, in the north of China. She obtained a B.A. in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction (with a concentration on Second Language Acquisition) at Beijing Language and Culture University, the best place for Chinese as a second language research and teaching in China. Now she is a PGCE-Secondary trainee teacher in Mandarin at Institute of Education, UCL.                                                                                         

Luomeng’s research interests are firmly situated within the field of Chinese as a Second Language Teaching and Learning. Her research has included L2 lexical development and L2 literacy. Publications include a number of articles in Chinese as a second language acquisition, in addition to national research projects funded by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.  

In between and after her studies, Luomeng was actively engaged in teaching. Apart from teaching in primary school and college in China, she had taught Chinese in primary school and Secondary school in the U.K. She has great patience with students and is able to adapt teaching to respond to the mixed abilities of all learners. Luomeng offers her class through multiple task-based activities that develop the individual student’s language knowledge, communication skills and learning attitudes in such a way that the student is applying past knowledge as appropriate and laying the foundation for the next stage of learning. Her academic background of lexical and literacy development will also help students to expand their vocabulary, promote their reading ability and improve their writing ability in Chinese. 


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