Meet The Team

Meet the Team | WenLin Chinese School

Haiyun Rosa Wang

Founder & Principal
Haiyun Rosa Wang has an MBA in International Business with a distinction

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Jianting Lily Zhu

Lily is a native mandarin speaker from Hebei, which is the nearest province to Beijing

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Mengru Xie

Majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL), Mengru Xie has developed a

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Luomeng Chao

Luomeng is a native Mandarin speaker from Inner Mongolia, in the north of China. She obtained

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Wenyu Dong

Wenyu is a native mandarin speaker from Shaanxi, which is a famous historic province with strong

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Zhuo Zheng

Zheng Zhuo worked as a qualified early year nursery teacher in China where she gained many

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Rong Guo

Rong Guo is a native Mandarin speaker from Beijing. After she  obtained  a Bachelor of

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Mengmeng Cheng

Mengmeng Cheng is a native mandarin speaker from Tianjin, which is a coastal metropolis in

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Huaifang Cao

I graduated from East China Normal University and gained an MBA in Financial Management from

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Cai Weimin

Arts Consultant

Calligrapher and Painter Cai Weimin is highly reputed for his work throughout the

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