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Welcome to WenLin Chinese School

Dear all,

Welcome to the website of WenLin Chinese School!

With all my heart, I believe that education is the key to unlocking our society. I believe that every person should be given the opportunity to learn and that everyone should have the freedom to have an enjoyable education. I believe that the Chinese culture holds much of the beauty of the world, and that everyone can benefit greatly from understanding it.

Here, at WenLin Chinese School, you will be given the freedom to not only learn the Chinese language in a fun environment, but you can also choose clubs and courses that you feel are the most suitable for you. If you love writing or art, you can choose to study Chinese brush painting and calligraphy. If you enjoy martial arts, you can enrol in our kung fu course. We believe that every one of you is unique and that if you can personally choose what you would like to study, you can learn better.

I hope that you can be free to discover, explore, and study at WenLin Chinese School. You may be wondering where the name “WenLin” came from. Wen (文) is taken from my first child's Chinese name, Dawen (达文). It means academic, literary, or cultural. Lin (麟) is taken from my younger son's name, Dalin (达麟), which I got from Qilin (麒麟), a Chinese mythical creature that is an omen of prosperity. You can read more about it here. In giving this school the names of my children, I wanted to identify it as my beloved third child. I dedicate myself to my children and education, working with passion and determination for them, in the hope that they can grow up with bright futures.

I am sure that I speak for all the staff here at WenLin when I say that we love our work here very much. We have the passion to teach and share knowledge with the people around us, and we would like to share what we know with you. I hope you can enjoy your time in this school and come to love it as much as we already do.

Our children are the future of our society, and we have set up the school with the firm belief that they will be able to obtain valuable skills and experiences that will assist them in their life’s path.

Once again, I welcome you to WenLin Chinese School!


With best wishes,

Rosa Haiyun Wang


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